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  • How can we get what you got in OUR city?
    A lot of people ask us how they can recreate The 1906 in their city or even in ours. Well, we always tell them the 1906 didn't just happen over night. It happened over time and we responded to community. All good things come from the bottom up. I know that sounds cliche but good, long lasting things take time and love. Grass roots baby.
  • How many murals do you have on the outside of your building?
    A lot. Head over to the Murals page for deets.
  • Who made the big motorcycle sculpture in the parking lot and does it run?
    No, it doesn't run and the artist is Rafael Cabrielas Ruiz, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. "Libertad" was Rafael's first sculpture ever and has become a community icon. A constant stream of families, models, after church goers, abuelos, abuelitas y todos stop by to take pics. All.The.Time. Head to the Murals page for details on building art.
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